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Governance, IP, Nonprofits, Organizational Strategy

January 23, 2022

Q18, Q19, Q20 & Q21: Permissions Granted to Licensees

The nine organizations that license their intellectual property to other organizations were then asked a series of questions about permission to modify and resell licensed IP. I asked this to get a better understanding of where respondents fit on the spectrum of protection for their IP asset. For example, did they prefer weak or strong […]

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IP, Nonprofits

August 23, 2021

Q1: What Intellectual Property Does the Organization Have?

I sent the survey to 107 people at the organizations curated on the theS&I 100 list, which was a list of vetted social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. The point of using this list was to highlight innovators working on social challenges, i.e. social entrepreneurs, since innovation is linked to the creation of intellectual property. I […]

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IP, Nonprofits

August 19, 2021

Figuring Out the Who and the What to Ask

Okay, my next decisions weren’t nearly life and death. But, the quality of my research choices at this point would be the difference between meaningful data and just an interesting exercise. If I was going to focus on surveying social entrepreneurs I needed to know that the definition I was using would enable me to […]

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IP, Nonprofits

August 17, 2021

Which Way Now?

After all of that reading I knew more about intellectual property law and economics, theories of justice and knowledge, and the landscape of innovation. I did not know any more about intellectual property in nonprofit organizations, though. I took the new concepts to the library and did some new searches of the nonprofit literature. Everything […]

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IP, Nonprofits

July 30, 2021

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In industry an entrepreneur is someone who innovates. In the nonprofit sector it’s no accident that certain nonprofit founders and some nonprofit organizations have been labeled social entrepreneurs or social enterprises. Though not everyone uses the terms social entrepreneur or social enterprise with innovation in mind, it technically indicates innovation in the social sector. If […]

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